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Which wax warmer brand is the best?

So here's a question I get asked all the time... Do your melts work with "insert brand name of warmer"? I personally have at least 3 warmers that are all different brands. Think of the top 3 brands and you have probably guessed them. With the exception of the story in my next paragraph, I have never had a problem with my melts in any warmer. I also have not been told that anyone had a problem either. I say no warmer brand is better than the others.

I had one warmer and I couldn't even tell you the brand name. Like all of my warmers, I had this one before I started my business. I believe it just had a "bad bulb". It didn't melt all of the wax just a small pool right over top of where the bulb was. So I went to the store and got a new bulb and never had any other problems out of it. Let me say this, I do not know the exact rule or wording but I have heard that if you use a bulb other than the makers it may void the warranty or something for some warmers. That being said I don't want to "advise" anyone to do it. It worked fine for me and I'm thrifty so I am not paying a crazy amount of money for a "special" light bulb. That is just me, please do not do anything you are not comfortable with and or that could change the integrity of the product.

Back to the small melt pool... this isn't necessarily a bad thing if you think about it. The fragrance from the oils is released from the wax when it is warmed. If all of the wax isn't melted than it should last a little longer BUT the scent may not be as strong.

The type of warmer you use is completely up to you. There are ones that use timers which are great if you leave yours on all the time but don't like to. I have one that I keep in my kitchen on a counter and it is usually on all the time. I have people who use my melts with the tea light candle warmers and they say that my melts do just fine. Yes, you can use my melts in the warmers with the cups/pods. Just pop my melt out of it's container and put it in the one that comes with your warmer. Do not put my cups in the warmers!

There you have it .... use whichever warmer you would like. No warmer that I have tried or used is better than another one. The biggest difference is price. I have quite a few to choose from. My "bundles" are great deals and usually cost less than the price of just one warmer from other retailers. You can also get warmers in most of the gift baskets that I offer. The warmers that I sell are all new and are of no one particular brand. I'm not looking to sell you a warmer. I'm wanting to share with you my amazing, super fragrant wax melts. The warmers just help me do that.

Please know that I am not a distributor, work for or endorse any brand or company of warmers. Angela's Wax Melts is my own company and I am not part of or affiliated with any other brand or company. The opinions stated above are my own and from my own experience. Wax melt performance can be affected by where the warmer is positioned in a room. I try to make all my melts as fragrant as possible. Some scents are just lighter than others by design. Everyone smells things and reacts to them differently. "Nose blindness" is a real thing and happens when our noses/senses get familiar with a smell and don't find it a "threat" anymore. Always remember to keep warmers free of debris and away from kids and pets and things that can catch on fire. Safety First! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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