I'm not very good at blogging....

It has been more than a couple of months since I myself have visited "my blog". I thought I would do better but I kind of push it to the side since I usually am updating the website, facebook or instagram (Should I capitalize those)?? I am not even sure how many of you even see that a new entry has been posted. I try to remember to post important information everywhere that I can. People tell me I need to do more "blogging", do more videos, join "you tube".... my goodness I better buckle down. It's crazy enough managing what I do already. What would I even do a video on? I am not even sure what I am supposed to be blogging about. If by some chance you do see this, please let me know and please lend me some suggestions.



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What in the sam hell!?!

Y’all apparently I have an “app” now! One more way to stay connected. Trying to figure it all out so excuse me and I apologize ahead of time if you get “alerts” or notifications of something!?! TYIA

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