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Strawberry Love basket

Strawberry Love basket


Strawberry Love basket - Great gift for Mother's Day! Maybe a birthday, anniversary or just because they love strawberries!


Comes with .... FREE SHIPPING and....

-1 AWM "Strawberry Shake" 8oz/227g candle

-1 AWM "Strawberry Shake" 1oz/32g bag of wax melts

-1 AWM "Strawberry Shake" 4oz/118mL fragrance spray

-1 AWM "Strawberry Shake" 2.5oz/65mL body lotion

-1 metal rustic star decoration with rope for hanging

-4 red and white striped hand towels

-Approx 12in tall, 9in diameter, round basket including stuffing and decor


-Is this a gift? Do you need it shipped to the receiver? I can do that.

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