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Hanging Oil Diffuser Refills set

Hanging Oil Diffuser Refills set


Hanging Oil Diffuser Refills set - Kids, pets, forgotten meals, whatever that was shoved under the seat... We spend a lot of time in our vehicles but we don't want it to smell that way. My hanging oil diffusers are just what you need AND they are REUSABLE! They can also be used in closets, lockers, desks, etc.


-2 (2mL) plastic dropper bottle of extra fragrance oil in the scent you choose. Can be reused to store additional oil for diffuser. Plastic refill bottle is tamper proof after I seal it. To prevent spills do not squeeze too hard when opening.

-Total 4mL fragrance oil.

-Fragrances offered are the same that I use for my candles and wax melts.


-Choices for fragrance at this time are: 

Bayberry - traditional pine fragrance 

Clean Cotton - clean laundry, fabric softener fragrance

Flannel - manly type, mahogany and cedarwood fragrance

Pina Colada - traditional type summer beverage, coconut and pineapple fragrance

Strawberry Shake - delicious, juicy strawberry fragrance


*To use diffusers: carefully unscrew wood lid/top. Carefully remove plastic stopper on bottle (if you haven't used it yet). Screw wood top back on bottle.

*Gently tip bottle so that wood lid can absorb oil. 

*Use braided cord and bead to adjust hanging length. DO NOT LET bottle hang too much as it does swing around and could cause damage that Angela's Wax Melts will NOT be responsible for.

*Promptly clean up any spilled oil. It can damage and or stain fabric, dashboards, etc. 

*To refill, unscrew lid from refill dropper, unscrew lid from diffuser and add drops as needed.

*Can also be free standing. Great for vehicles, lockers, laundry rooms, closets etc. 

*Fragrances are the same scents that I offer in my candles and wax melts.

*Phthalate free fragrance oil. No added colors or chemicals.

*Use with caution and care. Contain small pieces that could be a choking hazard. Please keep away from pets and small children and dispose of properly. 

Angela's Wax Melts is NOT responsible for any damages that could occur while using this product including spills, leaks and or breakings. 

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