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Gobble til you Wobble candle

Gobble til you Wobble candle

$8.00 Regular Price
$6.99Sale Price

Gobble til You Wobble candle - An Angela's Wax Melts, exclusive candle and scent! I made this scent just for these jars. It is a spiced vanilla! "Spiced Cinnamon Vanilla" Think warm and sweet, not your average vanilla. This is a vanilla that comes with excitement. Vanilla is really good at fading out the messiness of the holidays. My "Spiced Cinnamon Vanilla" will do that and more. The jar can and should be cleaned out for reuse. 

*4oz/113g net wt

*Up to 40hr burn time

*2 lead free wicks because those are banned!!

*Scented as much as possible! 

*Phthalate free 

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