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Updated 09/17/2020 *Due to "Rona" some suppliers are still down and it is affecting my supplies. At this time "Fall Harvest", "Pumpkin Souffle" and "Love Spell" are NOT available in candles and wax melts are limited. I am so sorry for the inconvenience and will update you all asap.

"Angela's Wax Melts" offers products in over 80 scents! My "seasonal" scents are available all year round for all of my wax products. Most candles are "Made to Order" at this time. Please allow 3-5 business days for candles to be made. I use a parrafin wax for melts and candles and the highest quality oils to give you the aromatics you are looking for. I do not use any extra additives in any of my products. All scents are different, some are more subtle or stronger than others. If I do not like the way a scent is performing I will faithfully try to improve it if I can. If I cannot I will not continue to offer it. I do take requests for scents but also weigh out the supply and demand for adding it to inventory. 

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