Citronella - My Citronella is definitely NOT like the other brands you can find! This smells WAY better and is actually pleasant! It actually has a nice clean scent to it. Nice notes of lemongrass and citrus and maybe a hint of powder. 


Don't forget you can also get it in one of my "Hangy Thingy's" or #getitinacandle. I have many jar options to choose from.


-Approx 1.2 oz which is equivalent to 4 of the "square" types.

-Melts typically "last" 72hrs, before your nose starts to ignore them.

WM - Citronella

  • Angela's Wax Melts are made from quality parrafin wax and the highest quality oils Angela's Wax Melts can find! This results in highly fragranced Melts that will seduce your senses and keep you coming back for more. 

    -Melts can be cut (with caution, we don't need anyone losing digits) if your warmer well is smaller or it is what you prefer.    

    -Melts typically last around 72hrs (my warmer is always on). Keep in mind that some scents are stronger than others. Warmers can vary by brand and bulb wattage. How long you leave your warmer on and where it is located can also change how long your scent lasts.

    -NEVER LEAVE ANGELA'S WAX MELTS IN THE CUP IN YOUR VEHICLE!!  TRUST ME! Vehicle will smell nice, there will be a mess, wax will have to be used like "Armorall". If you want to have one in your vehicle I suggest putting it in a small glass container than cannot spill.

    *Melts can be made with soy, contact me for details. 

    *Labels can be customized for any occassion, contact me for details.  

  • *The United States Postal Service is used for shipping.

    *Shipping takes 3-5 days for Melts, may take longer for custom orders. 

    *Flat Rate Shipping charge $5.99 

    *Shipping is FREE for orders $50.00 and up.

    *Contact Angela's Wax Melts for local delivery options, possible delivery charge may apply.

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