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Rustic Stars basket

Rustic Stars basket


Rustic Stars Basket - Sometimes I just throw baskets together ..... Rustic and freedom loving, good ole Apple Pie and Blueberry Cobbler....


Basket comes with stuffing and is 12inx8inx4in

-1 "Sweet Land of Liberty" wood/wire sign

-1 AWM "Pomegranate" Foaming Hand Soap

-1 "Rusty Stars" metal, decor ring, 4.5inch diam

-1 AWM Blueberries & Pumpkin fragrance spray

-1 AWM Butt Naked hand sanitizer

-1 AWM Herbal Mint lip balm

-5 AWM wax melts x2 in my "Blueberry Cobbler" and x3 in my "Apple Pie"

*sorry no substitutions

*only 1 available

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