-Angela's Wax Melts "Hangy Thingys" are great for your vehicles, gym/school lockers, closets, wastebaskets or any small space you would like to freshen up!  

*A fantastic compliment to gift baskets and perfect stocking stuffers!


5 for $7.50 choose the deal option 


HT - Lavender

  • Angela's Wax Melts "Hangy Thingys" scented discs are made from the highest quality oils Angela's Wax Melts can find!  This results in highly fragranced discs that will seduce your senses and keep you coming back for more. 

    -"Hangy Thingys" scented discs do contain oil that can stain or damage materials.  It is not recommended to put them in contact with your clothes or fabrics.  

    -Washing of hands is recommended after handling as irritation could occur.  Please do not put "Hangy Thingys" on your face or eyes as irritation could occur.  Please do not let children play with your "Hangy Thingys".  They may be pretty and smell nice but they are not edible.

    -Keep in mind that some scents are stronger than others. 

    -Where it is located can also change how long your scent lasts.  


    -"Hangy Thingys" would be great for an organization fundraiser!

    -Labels can be customized for any occassion, contact me for details.  

  • *The United States Postal Service is used for shipping.

    *Shipping typically takes 3-5 day business days, may take longer for custom orders. 

    *Flat Rate Shipping charge $5.99 

    *Shipping is FREE for orders $50.00 and up.

    *Contact Angela's Wax Melts for local delivery options, possible delivery charge may apply.

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