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Are you following me??

Crazy how it used to be weird to follow someone or to be followed, but now it's the thing to do. Everyone "follows" everyone. I guess there still are some instances when "Following" is still creepy and some people do it just to be nosy but for the most part it's the norm these days. So back to the question.... Are you following me??? There are these little icon buttons all over the site, one for Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. What's on the Pinterest site? well, not much at this time, a few pictures, that's all really. It's a work in progress. You are more than welcome to follow and share it. The Facebook icon takes you to the NEW and being updated Facebook page for Angela's Wax Melts which you are more than welcome to "Like and Share", sharing is caring! If you hit the "shop now" button on the Angela's Wax Melts Facebook page, it brings you to the Angela's Wax Melts website. The Instagram button takes you to the Angela's Wax Melts Instagram page where you can see all of the #angelaswaxmelts hashtags, like #getitinacandle. #Iwastotallyagainstusinghashtags #nowIgetit #followangelaswaxmelts. When Angela's Wax Melts gets 200 followers on Instagram there will be a contest! You can also message Angela's Wax Melts through any of those sites, hit the chat button on this website, go to the "contact" page on this website or just send an email to Follow away!

Why are the words, I always feel like somebody's watching me....running through my head when I see this picture?

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